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Tired of wanting to do something cool and not doing it!  Why not grow some of your food profitably in your backyard? Let us help you with this great course about Backyard Aquaculture!

Or, what if you could make some money as an accredited aquaculture professional? Let's get started!


Topics Covered In The Course

You will not find another more complete guide and you can even get Accredited!

Intro to Aquaculture

Why don't we just call it fish farming? Are plants fish?


If you fail to plan you are planning to fail!

Species Selection

What should your grow/farm? Don't be hard-nosed about this!


Tanks, Pumps, Piping, Heating, Cooling - Learn about all these needs!


Are you a farmer or a plumber? You're both.  Also an electrician, carpenter, etc.  We will teach you!


Water quality, feeding, cleaning, planting, harvesting and more covered here.

Marketing and Sales

Show me the money! Yes even as a farmer you do need to sell!

Profits, Bonuses & More

Profits, Ecology, and much More! We will show you how to determine profitability.

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Dr. Wayne talks briefly about our course an how it could help you!


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Make Sure to Check Our Pricing Options

Are you just curious and want to just learn a little about Backyard Aquaculture? Our Goldfish Offer is for you. You really are serious about building your own system! Our Trout Offer is for you. Finally, you want to start down the road to making some money helping others have Aquaculture Systems. Our Shark Offer with a Level One Small Scale Aquaculture Certification is for you!

BASIC - Goldfish Offer



  • More than Twenty Unique Training Sessions
  • On Demand, learn at your own Pace
  • Cheaper than a McDonalds dinner - Worth more than a weekend retreat!
  • Updates regularly and available to you for life!
  • Free Membership to our EAT Community



STANDARD - Trout Offer



Everything from the Basic Level - PLUS ++++

  • Weekly Q&A with Dr. Dorband and other Experts - worth $$$$$
  • Facebook Page for Networking with Peers and Leaders
  • Other Unannounced Bonuses

ADVANCED - Shark Offer and Level 1 Small Scale Aquaculture Certification



Everything from the STANDARD Level - PLUS++++

  • Weekly Networking, Q&A and Project Sharing with your leaders and peers
  • Quizzes and accountability checks to help with you learning
  • Upon Successful Course Completion You Receive Level 1 Small Scale Aquaculture Certification starting you on your path toward Making Some Money
  • Scholarships available for those with need - we do not want exclude anyone with passion and desire! Click Buy Now and fill out a scholarship application (no cost)

""This community is a great learning experience for me as well as refreshing some of my past knowledge base. We can make a difference in this world and we are making great leaps towards being able to heal the earth mother. It is wonderful to have all this knowledge and see it going to people all over the planet. I can see our EAT legacy leaving green swaths that will continue for a very long time.""

Bryant Redhawk
North America

""Fantastic series. Have learnt so much.""

Kate Radloff
New Zealand

""really really enjoyed this lecture wayne. as with the entirety of this series thus far - super interesting. doing more of what doesnt work isnt going to make things better... which makes all of what you do so so valuable. thanks again""

Stevie Gibbons

Dr. Wayne Dorband


Ever heard of Shamu the killer whale at SeaWorld. Wayne started his aquaculture career caring for him in San Diego. He was fortunate to have Dr. Carl Hubbs as a mentor and the Aquaculture Hall of Famer, Steve Serfling, as a friend.

Dr. Dorband has started and owned some of the largest aquaculture projects in the world. He also has three backyard systems at his Ranch in Colorado right now. He loves to teach about one of the greatest passions of his life - "Helping people like you make some money making the planet better."

He will challenge you to think and will encourage you often during this course. Most importantly, he will convince you that he genuinely cares about your success. 

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Whether you are just curious, are ready to build an aquaculture system, or want to get Certified to become an Aquaculture Professional, this Course is for you!


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