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develop your company profile, get matched with  our consultants and advisors, and reach your goals faster with help from experienced professionals.

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Our network includes professionals with experience from

The all-in-one platform for building a Team of Professionals

Build, collaborate, and meet with your EAT Ecointelligence Team anytime you have the need.

Build your company profile

Work with our team to build and publish your company profile at EAT Ecointelligence Group. List your mission, values, industry, and core goals for your team. When your company profile is published you’ll start receiving interest from consultants and advisors matching your desired skills. Without spending one dime on personnel you now have a team you can market to you potential clients. HOW EASY IS THAT!

Dedicated Account Manager 

 Every company will have it's own dedicated leader from EAT corporate to lead and mentor them.

Featured Company Profile

This is a unique quality of our EAT Ecointelligence Group. Your company will look like a rockstar!

Search and Invite Consultants and Advisors

All of our Advisors and Consultant Experts will be available through a search process for you to review and select.

Connect with advisors in your secure digital online office 

Get feedback on pressing issues, discover new opportunities, and collaborate with your consultants and advisors in real-time on the best ways to accomplish your goals. Post questions, updates, and host both schedule and spontaneous meetings with your advisors all from a secure online office with the Ecointelligence Group.

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Digital Office & Forum
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Post Questions and Updates
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Get Real-Time Feedback

Hold moderated meetings with your team

Meet remotely with your consultants and advisors regularly to gain perspective and discuss your challenges and opportunities face to face. Our internal leadership team will work with you on agenda development and moderate meetings as you desire so you can focus on getting results and profit.

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Moderated by EAT leadership
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Meet Remotely With Your Team
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Get More Profit and Make the Planet Better!

Hire consultants and advisors for key projects, jobs, and more

In addition to getting advice from your Ecointelligence Team, you can hire any of the consultands and advisors  for project based work, 1:1 consultations, and even full-time roles. Many organizations leverage their Ecointelligence Team as a highly-qualified talent pool for other roles in the organization. You can even pay them with vested equity rather than risking current cashflow.

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Hire Consultants and Advisors Directly
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Thousands of Potential Team Members On-Demand
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Highly Qualified Talent Pool

Why build a Consulting and Advisory Team?

Getting the right team and assistance can change everything

1. Build your consulting and advising team

This team will serve you just like employees would. but without the permanent costs.

2. Setup your digital office

How much do you pay for your permanent physical office? What if you didn't need it anymore because you could do everything you need to do in a digital office and a temporary shared office space!

3. Get value from your consultants and advisors

What if you could offer your primary team members some vested equity instead of very costly wages? Well, we can help you do that at EAT Ecointelligence Group.

Features & Benefits

Real-Time Solutions

Have meeting and calls whenever you would like. Your own private office and meeting room(s). 

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Privacy and Security

Your data and information security is guaranteed with our EAT platform.  Never worry about leaks.

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Qualified Talent

EAT has attracted thousands of the best experts in the world of Ecolonomics for the last 7 years, and they will be available to you through this amazing group.

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Access Thousands of Experts

EAT Ecointelligence has experts in every field of ecolonomic endeavors available for your company

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Priceless Insights

Mentoring, advising, and consulting can be life and business-changing!

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Interactive Boardrooms

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Small, large and every size in between. Businesses of any age can benefit from an Ecointelligence membership.

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Non-Profits & NGOs

Again, our programs are for all types of non-profits. 


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There is no more scary time for a business than when it is starting. Ecointelligence is for you if you are new!

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Become an Ecointelligence Group Consultant or Advisor

This may be the best decision you make in your career. There is little to no risk!

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Build an EAT Ecointelligence Team for your Company

The best companies are always innovators and you should lead by choosing this way to save and make money!

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