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Meet Our Teachers

Here at The EAT Community, we believe in a future of prosperity without pollution. The knowledge is out there, and our mission is to share it.

Dr. Wayne Dorband - Founder/Coach/Mentor

Teacher for Aquaculture Sessions, Host, and Teacher for Earth Friendly Alpacas, and many other sessions, and also a Site-wide Host

Dr. Wayne Dorband is a Serial entrepreneur with 35+ years experience, Dr. Dorband is our Chief Ecolonomic Instigator and the mastermind behind the EAT paradigm. Gaining guidance from other entrepreneurs in the marketing industry, he created this platform with his partner Mark Shepard to build a place for everyone to gain the necessary skills to live an ecolonomic lifestyle. He currently runs Mountain Sky Ranch, a sustainable alpaca farm in Berthoud CO, he oversees operations on multiple aquaculture farms nationwide and is the president of the Institute of Ecolonomics, a 501c3 nonprofit started by the late actor/environmental activist Dennis Weaver.

To learn more about Dr. Wayne Dorband visit http://dorbandassociates.com

Mark Shepard - Co-Founder/Coach/Mentor

Teacher/Host for Restoration Agriculture, Teacher for Forest Ecology

Mark Shepard is an amazing teacher. He is also President of both Restoration Agriculture Development and Forest Agriculture Enterprises, Mark Shepard has been a top industry leader in restoration agriculture/forest ecology for decades. He has an "Amazon best selling book" and he is also the owner of New Forest Farms, a restorative and profitable farm in Wisconsin that he runs with his wife with no grant assistance from the government. Mark truly is a visionary when it comes to living an ecolonomic lifestyle.

To learn more about Mark Shepard, visit his website at www.restorationag.com


Here are some of our Best Teachers and Coaches/Mentors of the Ecolonomic Action Team!