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We've revolutionized the traditional consulting and advisory paradigm, giving all our selected professionals the chance to serve our business members remotely through our innovative digital platform. 

Build your professional profile, get matched to companies, and reach your goals faster with help from our EAT platform and our entire network of professionals.

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Our network includes many professionals with worldwide recognition from:

By joining this all-in-one EAT Ecointelligence Group platform,  making some money, helping others and the planet has never been easier

Join build, collaborate, and meet with your clients all on the EAT Community Ecointelligence Platform. This unique opportunity may be the best business decision you have ever made!

Build your consulting and advisor profile

By creating a profile on the EAT Community Ecointelligence Group, you can utilize your digital business card as an advisor and consultant to receive various opportunities such as advisory board invitations, inquiries about potential business opportunities, and more, all delivered directly to your profile.

Be Featured in the EAT Community 

Be featured on the EAT Community as an Advisor and Consultant

Build Your Brand

Build your brand as a professional. EAT will help you build your portfolio, and opportunities 

Get Invited as a Consultant and Advisor

Collaborate and team up with other professionals, be invited to become a board member and even earn equity



Connect with Companies and other Professionals in our secure digital office 

Give feedback on pressing issues, discover new opportunities, and collaborate with your clients and peers in real-time on the best ways to accomplish your goals. Post questions, updates, and host regular or spontaneous meetings  all from a secure digital office in the EAT Community.

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Digital Office and Meeting Room
Post Questions and Updates
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Get Real-Time Feedback

Hold moderated or private meetings with your clients  and interact with others

Meet remotely with your clients and team whenever you want to gain perspective and discuss your challenges and opportunities face-to-face. EAT professionals will work with you on agenda development and moderate the meetings, if you desire, so you can focus on getting insights and business from your clients.

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Moderated by EAT Professionals
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Meet Remotely With Your Team and Clients
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Get Deeper Insights Join discussions in the EAT Community

Have an amazing website, email services, funnels, marketing services & more

In addition to getting direct access to thousands or like-minded potential clients you will get huge benefits not available elsewhere for your online and offline marketing and sales. You will also have many other experts you can team with to enhance your ability to acquire projects and clients. 

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 Get the highest quality education available through our Ecomastery Innovation Progam
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Connect directly with company leadership, and thousands of companies that need your services -  On-Demand
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Highly Qualified client pool

Why Join the EAT Community Ecointelligence Group?

Getting the right connections and tools can change everything. Discover how easy it is to build a business and at the same time make the planet better!

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Features & Benefits

Build your profile as an advisor and consultant

The first step is to JOIN and create your online profile which we will help you share across your social media holdings!

Match with other advisors

Meet and matchup with other EAT Ecointelligence Team Members. Hold get-togethers and meetings.

Become a Consultant and/or advisor 

EAT will help you market and sell yourself to our hundreds of member companies who are looking for just the wisdom and advice that you have 

Add the Your Ecointelligence Group Membership to your resume

This will be a highly valued addition or you! This alone will add thousands of $$$ to your annual income!

Boost your Professional career

EAT leadership and your peer members of EAT will help you advance your career in ways you cannot imagine.

Inhance your Legacy

That's right you will have more to be remembered by in the future by your family and many others.

Become an Ecointelligence Group Consultant or Advisor

This may be the best decision you make in your career. There is little to no risk!

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Build an EAT Ecointelligence Team for your Company

The best companies are always innovators and you should lead by choosing this way to save and make money!


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