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The EAT Community Podcast

The EAT Community Podcast

Hosted by: Ecolonomic Action Team (EAT)

We Interview leaders all over the world who teach us about what they are doing to "make some money making the planet better - ECOLONOMICS". Listen here or join us at The EAT Community to enjoy all of the visuals!

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EAT Special Guest Alexsandra Guerra Co-Founder and Director at NORI

While growing up in Miami FL, Alexsandra learned of the real impacts that climate change could have on our lives. Driven by a deep sense of urgency to prevent the pending disasters of sea-level rise on the place she...
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EAT Special Guest Steve Swaffar: No-Till on the Plains

Steve Swaffar Executive Director at No-TillNo-till on the Plains is a 501c3 non-profit educational organization whose mission is to provide education and networking on agricultural production systems that model...
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EAT Special Guests Zach and Kacie - RE:FARM

We’re Zach and Kacie Scherler-Abney. We connected while we were both working (remotely) for nonprofits based in Uganda, and we got married a short ten months later. Kacie grew up on a ranch in SW Oklahoma where her...
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EAT Special Guest Monique Figueiredo from CompostableLA

Compostable aims to give people the same warm feeling they get when they know they’ve “done well”. She has been showing people how to turn their food waste into compost and SO much more! Don't miss out on the visuals....
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EAT Special Guest Christy Wilhelmi -

Christy Wilhelmi empowers people to grow their own food, to be more self-reliant, and to reduce pollution and waste, one garden at a time. Christy is the founder of Gardenerd, the ultimate resource for garden...
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Permaculture Series: YYC Growers

SO great connecting with them on this webinar ! This YYC Growers’ Harvest Box is a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)-style program that is unique to Calgary. "We draw from 15 farm owners, who grow in and around...
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Permaculture Series: Matt Powers-Permaculture's Response to the Pandemic

Matt Powers is an author, educator, and entrepreneur focused on creating the academic bridge with regenerative agriculture by aligning education with current regenerative science, natural principles, and clear ethics:...
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Permaculture Series: Charlotte Anthony-Hands on Permaculture

Charlotte Anthony started out as a biodynamic farmer more than 45 years ago. Hear about her journey and what she has learned along the way. Don't miss out on the visuals. Join The EAT Community and get access to it ALL!
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Permaculture Series: Byron Birss, Backyard Paradise Permaculture

We had an amazing guest, Byron from New Zealand. Byron is the founder of "Backyard Paradise Permaculture" where he shows how you can grow food in your backyard and generate profit with his Permaculture system. Don't...
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Permaculture Series: Scott Mann, Host of The Permaculture Podcast

Scott Mann, the Host of The Permaculture Podcast was Live with us on an Ecolonomic Action Team Live Webinar. Scott Mann is passionate about the globe and also believes in achieving food security through permaculture...
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Permaculture Series: Michael Cooley from Narrow Passage Permaculture

Michael obtained his Permaculture Design Certification via Geoff Lawton, PRI, in 2013, and had been a student of Sustainable Agriculture independently for many years prior to obtaining the PDC. He is formally trained...
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Recycle, Reuse, Reduce Series: Barrel Bag

With an entrepreneurial background and spirit, Loren gave Tucker Grooms, her son, the encouragement to create Barrel Bag in 2018. Loren oversees the daily operations of the organization and also runs the youth...
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