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The EAT Community Podcast

The EAT Community Podcast

Hosted by: Ecolonomic Action Team (EAT)

We Interview leaders all over the world who teach us about what they are doing to "make some money making the planet better - ECOLONOMICS". Listen here or join us at The EAT Community to enjoy all of the visuals!

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EAT Special Guest Webinar with Loren Quaglieri from Barrel Bag

Loren Quaglieri was Amazing! She is the owner and founder of the Barrel Bag. It's a unique way to keep our environment clean, especially free from plastics. You will surely enjoy this video. Resource: BarrelBag
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Holistic Agriculture Series: Abbey Smith, Coordinator at Savory Institute

Abbey Smith, Coordinator at Savory Institute, a global movement of regenerative farmers & land managers! She is also the director of the Jefferson Center for Holistic Management. The Jefferson Center is the Savory...
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Live Webinar with EAT Special Guest Speaker Jennings Ingram

Hey EAT members, this was a fantastic webinar with our special guest Jennings Ingram. She is the host of Regenerative Revolution Podcast. Listen to the episode to learn more or visit our EAT Community for more amazing...
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EAT Webinar Stop Climate Change with Living Energy - Alexis Zeigler

This was really a fantastic webinar with our EAT special guest. Alexis Zeigler. He is the revolutionary mind driving The Living Energy Farm (LEF) project in Louisa, Virginia. Join our EAT Community for more amazing...
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EAT Series - Ecological Solar Design with Alan Booker

This was an amazing session by Alan Booker. this is the first session of his teaching series on ecological solar system design for your home or business. Make sure to attend all sessions of this series to learn how to...
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Get fit Eating Your Lawn! - Kate Armstrong

Eat healthy from your backyard! Forage healthy food from around your house, living space, or backyard! Kate Armstrong is an expert Urban Forager who shows you how you can find healthy eatable plants around you. Find...
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EAT Webinar Replay - Starting and Succeeding in Your Business - Robert Christadore

Robert Christadore is a serial entrepreneur. He founded and ran many successful companies all across the United States and also around the world. He has got years of experience as a business owner and now he is...
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The Sustainable Design masterclass presents - Elaine Ingham

Dr. Elaine’s™ Soil Food Web Approach is an effective and viable means of rapidly regenerating agricultural soils, enabling farmers to operate without the use of chemical inputs, thus protecting the world’s waterways,...
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Profitable Backyard Aquaculture

This is an episode from the webinar series Backyard Aquaculture by Dr. Wayne Dorband. As always, Wayne was amazing! You can find the full series on our EAT Community website. 
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Environmental Consulting Business - Dr. Wayne Dorband

Here Wayne teaches a course on the environmental consulting business. If you are passionate about the globe and would like environmental consulting as your career, then this might be the right webinar series for you....
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EAT Special Guest Speaker Colin Lennox - Biological Water Treatment Specialist

Webinar with Colin Lennox, EAT Special Guest - Biological Water Treatment Specialist. Here is the podcast episode that you might enjoy. However, there are many more on our website. Visit. EAT Community for more...
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Webinar with Special Guest Speaker Jeffrey Potent

This is the first part of our Webinar interview and presentation with Special Guest Speaker Jeffrey Potent. He is a Corporate Sustainability Consultant and Educator, Adjunct Professor of International and Public...
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