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Surviving Tomorrow: A Conversation with Robert Vicino on EAT Community Podcast

robert vicino Aug 22, 2023


In an age of uncertainty and rapidly changing landscapes, the quest for security and preparedness is paramount. Enter Robert Vicino, a visionary entrepreneur who has devoted his life to ensuring humanity's survival in the face of potential catastrophe. EAT Community, a platform known for engaging discussions on ecology, agriculture, and technology, is proud to announce an exclusive podcast episode with Robert Vicino, hosted by Dr. Wayne Dorband. This conversation promises to be an enlightening exploration of innovation, resilience, and the future of survival.

About Robert Vicino:

Robert Vicino's name has become synonymous with the concept of life assurance through his creation of the Vivos Project. This network of underground communities, capable of safeguarding more than 10,000 lives from virtually any disaster, is an engineering marvel. But what led Vicino to embark on such an ambitious undertaking? What drives the man behind the largest private shelter network in the world?

The Vivos Project:

Starting with a vivid inspiration in 1980, Vicino's journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Despite early challenges and skepticism, he has assembled a world-class team that has brought the Vivos Project to life. These shelters are more than mere concrete structures; they are thriving communities with medical facilities, psychological support, and even legal and financial systems.

EAT Community Podcast with Dr. Wayne Dorband:

Dr. Wayne Dorband, an esteemed voice in the realms of ecology, agriculture, and technology, will delve into Vicino's mind, exploring not just the physical constructs of the shelters but the ethical, psychological, and philosophical aspects of the Vivos Project.

What can we learn from Vicino's vision? How does this align with our growing understanding of sustainability, community, and global preparedness? This conversation will connect the dots and provide listeners with insights that are relevant, timely, and profound.

Join Us for this Exciting Episode:

We invite you to be part of this enlightening conversation. Whether you're an entrepreneur, environmentalist, survival enthusiast, or simply curious about the future of humanity, this podcast promises to captivate and inspire.

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